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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

The year has started off pretty spectacularly for my comics publishing. On the 31st of December, Timothy released Avant Garde and 1 2 Space. Both of which are available on our site and My Digital Comics. I personally had a 5 page story 'Fever' in Avant Garde.

fev cur.jpg

Friend and inspiration Harry Moyer released the third volume of his western anthology Saddle Sore this week. This is my first time appearing in a Saddle Sore book and I'm so glad to have my work in two books beside great guys like Harry Moyer and John Karnes.

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I also had my newest project hit an exciting place in the process, as the draft copy of 'When the Warlock...' came in yesterday. I'll probably do some changing of things here and there, but right now I'm really just trying to get more eyes on the book to see what does need to change, or what's causing confusion. There's always lots to do, so I'm going to get back to it. Make sure to check out all the exciting new product releasing here at Strips4.com

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