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16 Hour Comic

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

My latest 24 hour comic was done in about 16 hours. I'd like to discuss a little of my process on the latest entry into my kids stories. If you haven't read the story yet you can find it here.

This year's story was built off of 'little flying people', 'at school', and 'bad guys are coming'. I was pretty happy with this draw. It was easy to come up with a narrative. Normally I write each page as I go, but this time I spined out the story within the first 20 minutes and then started constructing my pages from there.


I decided on 4 panel layouts for all my pages to keep things quick and simple. All my decisions in this project were based around expediency. I had to go to work the following day. This was an interesting exercise in speed, but poor planning for my project, as I feel that the number of shortcuts I took show through in the story. Another shortcut was the simplistic designs of the characters. I never go really far into rendering out my characters, but the fairies and goblins in this story are about as simplistic as they can get. There are very few backgrounds and all the fairy children look the same. In hindsight I feel this was too far in the way of simplifying and the final story suffers from it.


One interesting idea I used that did work was rendering out the fairies story time book in crayon. I also further simplified the look of the book, but I feel like it works here. It plays to the telling of the story book. I think this effect would have been heightened had the rest of the book been drawn a little more ornately.

The story itself I enjoy, though I wonder how other people will react to a kids story about school lock downs. I do think it's important that my students aren't scared when we practice our lockdown drills, but the message of giving people a chance could be construed as dangerous if one were in the middle of an actual lockdown.