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January Duties

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I'm working on a few different projects right now and I thought I'd do a quick Curve about how I'm spending my cartooning time.

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Public Education keeps on running strong. After a year an a half I'm getting faster and more comfortable inking the comic with brushes. I never think the comic looked terrible, but Volume 3 is going to showcase quite a bit of growing pains. Regardless, my class is giving me no shortage of material and even if the art has been inconsistent, I feel the comic is funnier than it ever has been.

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Skeletons came back after my Christmas break. I finally had time to sit down and start building up a backlog again. The strip is work intensive but each panel is finished quickly. I should have never gotten to the point of going on hiatus with the comic, and that's a little embarrassing. I like skeletons a lot, and even if no one else 'gets it' I'll still be proud of the strip at the end of the 300 panels.


I received the When the Warlock Found a Friend draft and I think it works in most regards. The most often cited criticism is the difference in contrast between the pencilled art and the inked letters. I had worried about this previously, then felt it wasn't really a problem. It has, however, come up as a distraction when talking with people that have read the draft. I'll be doing some research on how to further polarize the black and white parts in photoshop and then apply that technique to all of the pages.