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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I've really been enjoying the writing process of making books lately. It's always one of my more enjoyed aspects of the creative process, and lately it seems that I will write far more than I'll ever carry through to a finished project. 

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There are the constant projects, like scripting Public Educations and skeletons. I'm very pleased with the pacing of several P.E.s this week. It's always an exercise in composing a joke within the 3 or 4 panel structure. This week they're really seeming to work out. skeletons has been slowing lately on the scripting. I have a huge window on this project and the cinquains are better written when the mood strikes me. 

ske curve.jpg

The warlock story I've been writing hit a chapter where I really wanted to do more research. This is the absolute best part about writing, learning about new awesome stuff. I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon taking notes on how chaos magicians create servitors. It gave me a lot of visual ideas I'd have never come up with just winging it with 'magic stuff'. 

I've also become convinced that it's paramount that I write down my current philosophy on life and our existence here. Probably not as a comic, but as a path for my own personal expansion. I'd love to read other peoples takes on the world, and to foster this I have to lead by example. I always find myself understanding a topic more once I've figured out how I can explain it. That's the magic of teaching I suppose.