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Another Round

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I wrapped up work on the rough draft of 'When the Warlock...' tonight. It's great to be finished with the first and hardest step in the process, and it was a lot of fun ending the story in a more dramatic fashion than the rest of the story had presented. 

My next step is to read through and record edits myself, and get it in front of some other creative types to get their input. It's a strange tale, and I want to make sure the heart of the story comes across clearly and in a meaningful way. I expect to need quite a few edits before I've hit the scripts full potential. 

after bees.jpg

The next step will to be deciding how I'm going to go with the inking. I may scan in pencils and touch up anything I need to digitally. I've also considered working fixed tips over the pencils for a similar but more worked over approach. Brush seems the least likely direction I'll head right now, but it's a decision I feel is going to take some time. I will absolutely be moving some of the panels around on the final sheets from where they are on these pencils. That should be an easy modification in Photoshop, but one that will aid the framing of the pages considerably.