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Rounding the Curve

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I've got to get back onto updating the Curve regularly. The transition back into school has been tough, and I'm finding that I'm doing a lot of my comic work on Sunday's. This keeps me up to date with my webcomics and allows forward momentum on bigger projects, but it also makes it easy to skip the Curve updates on Wednesdays.


'When the Warlock' is two chapters away from the rough draft being completed. It's going to end up over 100 pages, which is far larger than I thought it would be. This is also the first project I haven't spined out page by page before I started drawing. Perhaps in the rereads and edits I'll be able to make the story more succinct. I feel like this could be the best or worst comic I've done to date, and that's a pretty exciting place to be. 

I've also been doing a fair bit of research for a story I'll be contributing to the next Saddle Sore anthology. This is a wonderful excuse to watch through the 15 hours of Ken Burns documentaries on the Old West. Like I said last Curve, research is my favorite part of writing and I've been learning a lot this past week about my country's history.