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Summer Round Up

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

It's been a busy and exciting summer. And with one week left of my summer break, it seems appropriate to take a bit of a retrospective and make sure I tie up any loose ends on my projects. 

Awful Lot had tons of revisions, but did indeed get printed. I'm really happy with the book and hope I can find an audience for it. 


I have one chapter left to pencil in Viking Burial. I'll be able to finish that within the week leading up to school restarting. I'm cutting it close, but articulating it now ensures I can get it done later. 

Skeletons stayed on schedule, though I would have liked to have built a larger window of lead time for that. I still have a blast with skeletons, I'll keep it around for a good while still, but I have begun to wonder when and how I'll end it. 

In addition to this I haphazardly started another project as well, and it has spiralled into over 20 pages already. We'll see where this one goes.