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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

With a new school year started I got back into making P.E. strips. It's a lot of fun to return to this project each August. That being said, it's the first work I've inked in awhile and I'm a little rusty. With my new found practice in Photoshop (through trying to color and formatting pages for print) I decided I'd clean up these inks digitally. 

I made two silly mistakes inking the second strip tonight. I guess that's easy to do when you complete two strips in just over 30 minutes, well sans these corrections I suppose. One was just rusty inking. I made Jenny's face far too wide on one side. The other is inexcusable, I misspelled tongue. 

wide face.jpg
wide fix.jpg

These are both simple fixes, P.E. is scanned and published in black and white. For the face I simply used the brush tool with a pure white. The Bamboo tablet I have makes smooth brush strokes on the computer much easier than with a mouse. I over corrected a bit and simply had to switch the brush to black and fill back in. Fortuitously, I had written all of the correct letters in the word tongue. Using the lasso tool I simply moved the 'u' to a lower spot on the panel, then I brought the 'ng' to the left and slid the 'u' into it's correct position. I used the lasso instead of box selection to cut as close to the letters as possible. This protected me from covering up letters as I moved blocks of white around with the letters. I know there is a way to just move the black sections of the selection, but this was my commoners work around.

mis fix.jpg

Hope you enjoyed a little expansion on some new tricks of the trade I'm learning as I continue in this adventure of making comics.