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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

My little side project has exploded into a full blown venture, and has grown over 60 pages already. It's going to be a quiet story, again with no real audience in mind. I have so many stories I'd like to tell. I'm working on getting more of these stories out quickly, sort of like I tried with Eskimo Kisses or Oh Sweetie. Getting the story told and moving on, this obviously has spiraled into a bigger narrative than those two...and I guess we'll see how it goes.

b w.jpg

I've gone with a quick simple style, although they are more human shaped than most of my people. So far I've just been pencilling everything, I haven't decided if and how I'll ink it yet. I've got a couple different ideas that could play out. 

I've been writing this is a strange way. I'd spined it out in my head ages ago, and I've just sat down each night and tried to layout the next chapter as the story progresses. It may be meandering a bit, I'm not quite sure how to build a character without spending some time with them. When I flip through the pages it feels airy and understated. I'm liking that thus far. 

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I guess the only real challenge I'm taking on this project is in it's accessibility. Not that the story is too out there, just not sure if I've seen much like it in comics.