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Making Moves

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

It's weeks like this that give me the feeling everything's going to work out fine.  The past seven days have been filled with reformatting, PDF creation and uploading and website adjustments all of which I'm proud to say has landed us a spot in the My Digital Comics web store.  I love making physical books but the future is digital and I want a piece of it.  Loads of thanks to the people at My Digital Comics they have been a pleasure to work with. 

Meanwhile in the physical world our copies of Awful Lot have arrived and they look great.  The official release date is August 1st but since we have the books pre-orders will start to ship out immediately.  I just love when a plan comes together. 

From an infrastructure standpoint we've made some critical leaps forward this week but the toughest challenge is still ahead of us; finding our audience.  I know there out there we just have to find them.