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Working through the Summer

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

Work has been pretty steady this week. I finished 5 weeks worth of skeletons and finished the layouts for Viking Burial. I'll be pencilling the third chapter of that for the rest of the week. 


The layouts provide me with a very loose outline of what I want to happen. They also help me see if all the motions in the panel flow with the reading direction. How different size panels play out. And other storytelling things that are hard for me, without visualizing.  I aim to start very rough, very vague, and tighten up with each iteration.

pencil 1.jpg

I realized as I was transferring from layouts to pencils that big ships would not ground themselves on the shore, but instead drop off smaller ships. This changed the top panel as I needed to alter the plank into some sort of contraption for lifting the boats. I also changed the second panel so that you could see the elder as people were loading the ship. I think this helps the third panel flow more naturally with the elder and the last vikings talking.

pencil 2.jpg

The second round of pencils had masts added into the boat, additional background elements added, more sailors into the panels and I started bubbling up the characters from the stick figures they were before. This second pass is to help clarify any ambiguous parts of the page before I send them to Joshua for another round of pencils and clean up before I ink things.