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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

My first few days of summer have been spent getting a draft copy of Awful Lot printed. I've overcome all the formatting hurdles and have the draft in hand. Lulu has fantastic turn around speed for me. And they don't seem as high as I was expecting either. Timothy has been investigating some other options as well, but it's seeming like my first printer is going to remain the one I use for Awful. 

awf cov curv.jpg

I need to read through the book a few times and take notes. First and foremost I need to make sure everything is in order. Second I want to check for any typos or illegible print. The whole book is hand lettered now, so I'm worried about my handwriting. Third I want to make note of any scans or pictures that need cleaning up. I noticed a few smudge marks on some pages, and that should be relatively easy to fix. There's a lot more that can be discussed over printing comics. Maybe I'll dive back into it next week.

Right now I'm tired.  I was at the Richmond Museum of Fine Art this morning, and my brain is still processing all the amazing.