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End of School

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I thought I'd take it easy on this week's Curve and share a couple comics that were made at school. One by a fourth grader and one by me during end of year meetings yesterday. 


Boden did a great job with his dinosaur construction. I really enjoy how he showed the differences between the two animals he was drawing. Maybe the punch line could use a little more punch, but his cartooning is light years ahead of most fourth graders.


My work on the other hand is light years behind other 29 year olds. This was all completely on the fly as I started doodling during the workshop. The joke, layouts, and coloring were all done off the cuff as the meeting continued on as meetings are apt to do. I'm happy with how complete it looks with how little time I actually devoted to it, but it's a decidedly weak strip. Hahaha.

 Hope one of these made you smirk. I'll be hitting the comics hard this first week of summer!