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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I know I generally talk about making comics in this blog, but today I just want to talk about my love for comics. More specifically, my love for super heroes. Now all comics aren't super heroes, of course, and I actually distinguish my appreciation for them separately, but today I want to focus on the capes and cowls.


This week I reread Johns Flash run leading up to Flashpoint. I'm a humongous Flash fan, and there have been no better Flash stories than the ones by Geoff Johns. Now, I do personally enjoy the Wally West era Flash better, but I did really appreciate how Johns brought Barry back and reinvigorated the Speed Force mythology.


I've also been playing Injustice, the DC fighting game by Netherealm Studios. I'm a big fighting game fan anyway, so this game hits me in the sweet spot of just about everything I'm nerdy about. Batgirl was recently released as the newest playable character and I really enjoy playing with her a lot. I spent a large part of my Memorial Day playing as Barbara Gordon online, fighting the likes of Black Adam, Catwoman, and Superman.

rise of technovore.jpg

I just got back from Target this evening and picked up LEGO Batman the Movie and Iron Man Rise of the Technovore. I'm not as confident in Marvel's animation studio as I am the DC DTV series, but I am excited to give both of these movies a try. I do find the LEGO Batman games incredibly charming, and the Iron Man anime series that came out a few years ago was a lot of fun as well.

I hope that one day my comics can inspire as much joy and imagination as some of these legendary super heroes.  I doubt I will ever do much work in that particular genre, but I do hope that something carries on a lasting legacy.