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Laid Out

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I've been running low on confidence lately and it's coming through in my work.

curve lay 1.jpg

I've done layouts for four separate stories now for my next anthology project. I like them all fairly well, but I'm not sure which one would be most appropriate for this project. While the amount of product I'm coming up with is impressive, it has been slowing down the completion of other projects that I need to work on. This ties right back into my preference for doing work on paper rather than the computer. Not only do I want the perfect story for this anthology, but it also has provided a fantastic/terrible distraction from less desirable jobs.

curve lay 2.jpg

I don't know how many of these lay outs I can or should take through to completion. I've pencilled and inked one already, but now I'm feeling it's the least appropriate of all the stories I've written lately. Blah. I wonder if other artists go through this much indecision as they consistently pile more work upon themselves.