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Awful Time

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

My largest project has wrapped up its life on the web, and Awful Lot is being lain to rest. With it's conclusion comes the dreaded work on publishing the hard copy. I've been putting this stuff off for literally months. Over spring break I've been adding drop shadows into all the pages and hand lettering the first few chapters to make the book more consistent.

cc al balloon.jpg

The lettering has been going absurdly slow. I'm lettering on copy paper mostly at the actual size, then scanning in the balloons and original pages and splicing them together in photoshop. I think the process is fairly smooth and minimally work intensive. I've just been slack about it. I kind of just wanted to be slack all spring break, and I've done just that.

Have to always continue moving forward. I'll be glad to get Awful Lot completely wrapped. This project almost feels like a curse around my ankles.