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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

The more comic projects make it to a digital stage in the process the more inclined I am to start new projects. There is some sort of joy that I get from working on the paper that isn't quite as present or immediate when working on the computer. Be it coloring, scanning, lettering, formatting...any step on the computer is harder for me to get started with that any step I can sit anywhere and draw on.

I'm still plugging away at all projects. I've lettered a couple pages of Awful this past week. Flatted a page of Maps. Scanned in some Public Educations. Pieced together a few panels of Skeletons. But the most fun I've had has been in laying out, pencilling, and beginning the inks of my project for Timothy's Avant Garde anthology. You'll notice I've done several necessary tasks on this project where everything else has been limited to the bare essentials.

ink fruit.jpg

Podcasts and music help me keep working on the computer, but I would like to find ways to better expedite these steps. Or at the very least, keep moving towards getting as much of the finished comic onto the boards as possible. Anything to keep growing more efficient at juggling half a dozen projects simultaneously.