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Get to Work

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I accomplished a minimum of work over my spring break. This is normally a period of far greater productivity, but this year I felt inclined to just enjoy the time off and watch studio Ghilbli movies.


I figure I need to set some kind of routine/schedule to keep me moving forward on all projects at once. I'm going to set a pretty tough regimen for this week and see if I can hit all the deadlines. We'll reassess next week.

3 Public Education strips- finished.          This is already so ingrained as to hardly feel like work at all.

7 Awful Lot pages- relettered.          I should have had this project wrapped forever ago. A page a day isn't too much of an investment to finish up such a major project.

3 skeletons- assembled.          This is the pace I need to keep up with my new webcomics release schedule. Hope you've checked it out on the site.

2 MAPS pages- flatted.          This is going to be tough for me. I'm no good at flatting quickly and have already failed at my goal of 3 pages a week. This needs to be completed at a faster pace than this.

24 pages High Seas- lay outs.          I need to work on this much more steadily and I seem to have misplaced several pages already. So this is is going to get me halfway to this step completed. This will be a lot of work, but no more than a sitting or two hopefully.

2 ideas for Avant Garde anthology- spined.          I want my entry to be fantastic, I'm going to be in a book with a bunch of guys I really respect. I need to shine, and that deserves a best idea of three sort of shot.

Whew. Better get started.