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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I finished up the pencils on MAPS 2! This is fantastic and I already have a few inked pages at the beginning of the book to begin flatting. I think Timothy and I are streamlining this process considerably. Finishing MAPS pencils also clears my slate for the pencil work on my next music strip which is another 64 page endeavor.

So what do I begin working on immediately? Why a brand new 4 page short of course. I can never be juggling too many projects at once. The idea materialized over the course of about 10 minutes while sitting at the drawing table. I quickly wrote out the spine to a three page story. Relationships bring out a plethora of emotions and rarely do these feelings come so quickly, so convoluted as when a relationship ends. I tried to capture the sense of separation, the directionlessness, and the lashing out of a break up in visual terms.


A couple builds a wall between them, a lone person wanders lost, and dogs fighting are the images I chose to share. I put a cold weather pretext over all three stories to make them more tonally cohesive and then wrote them out as nine panel stories. To try an make the piece more emotive rather than narrative I cut the stories apart and interwove each story to wind in and out of each other. Every time I transitioned from one story to another I added a new panel that would ease the visual change by mirroring an action in either of the surrounding panels.


As a webcomic I'm going to display it in a straight column, but if I do ever have it printed I'll probably go back to the 9 panel grid and just use the new panel sequence. This comic came very quickly. Not only was the initial flash immediate and fully formed, but my eskimo characters are very similar to my Professor and Think in the upcoming webcomic Skeletons. I used inking techniques from Awful Lot to help render the dogs and to complete the strip with a minimum of time or tools necessary. Just a brush and some ink. Fun stuff this making comics.