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Moving Forward

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

In addition to moving through my weekly routine of Public Education, Comic Curve, and Awful Lot I've been trying to pencil a page of MAPS a day as well. Timothy has mentioned wanting the pencilling done by the end of the month, and that's a good and nearly attainable goal to work toward.

I've also moved from the spine of my next music strip to the layout phase. This has been fun and I've been moving through it very fast, very loose.

vik curv.jpg

I'm really just trying to get the rough story out, I'll clean it up a fair amount in my pencils. Then the plan is to hand those pencils off to my friend Joshua for further revisions and pencils, then come back to me for the inking and finish work. I think this is going to lead to strong art, and allows me to be looser at this stage. I'm going to have tons of revisions.

What I really need to do this weekend is sit down and start getting Awful Lot ready for publishing. I'm dreading that work, and I kind of want to do significant revisions as I get it ready for print. A heavy work load to be sure.