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Brandon Graham

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

My EOC challenge was to recreate a page of comics. I talked at length about the challenge a few Curves ago and thought I'd share what I contributed to my challenge. A Brandon Graham page from his awesome series Multiple Warheads.

bg og.jpg

He has a very clean, thin line which plays to my strengths. However the detail in the knights armor and the motion in the motorcycle and sword swipe are enviable. This page immediately jumped out at me when I read it, and it was an early choice for the page I wanted to recreate. Hand lettering and only having 3 panels sealed the deal for me and I was off.

bg pencils.jpg

I began my pencils a long time ago and got frustrated a panel in. I got too detail oriented, too fast in the first panel and the proportions are way off. I fudged it until it worked later on, but that's a lesson I learned early when approaching my own pages. Then I fell right into the same rookie trap on my recreation. These are some of my tightest pencils I've done for something I was inking myself though. So I think that's certainly going to be to my advantage despite having to erase and rework a lot of stuff as I (always) zoom in on panels when doing this exercise.

bg ink.jpg

The inks were all done in Micron, I looked for my brush pen and couldn't find it. Probably for the best anyway, as Graham's line is razor thin. I don't know what he works with, but I do think I made the best choice for myself personally speaking. I'm comfortable and fast with fixed tip pens. The sparse shadows he uses, and the way he renders the folds in fabric were very informative. I think I got a few good take aways from this lesson! That's the goal. Get better, every time.