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2 Sides of a Coin

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

Timothy and I have been having some great talks about the future of Strips4. 2013 is going to be quite a year for us starting with the release of Prince Ambien tomorrow! We've got multiple new webcomics on the burner and hard at work on two long form series. Timothy and I are also both featured in the Low Concept 3 Anthology that is also dropping soon. Everything is going splendidly.

2 maps.jpg

I think that's the advantage of taking a long view. We're entering our fifth year of producing comics and the quality of our craft has improved exponentially. By constantly working over new ideas, editing and revising for years, we're developing a finely tuned machine. Completing work on one project means starting work on another. If you always keep schedules, and always plan lead times there is never a shortage of content for the site. There is never a small side project you can't add because of a lack of time.

The webcomics keep me structured. Keep me practicing constantly. They also give me the time necessary to hash out ideas for MAPS and other projects. I'm going to go work on some more of that now. I can't wait to finish these pencils, then I get to start something new!