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To the Letter

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I've begun relettering "When the Warlock" and once again, I'm experimenting with process. Everything in Warlock was drawn and scanned from pencils, but I've switched to fixed tip pens and markers for the lettering. The pencils don't come through in the original pages very well, and it was a rush job on letters to begin with. So let's see how I fix this step.

wiz cur 1.jpg

I'm trying to do the lettering on notebook paper. Not the classiest materials to use, I know, but it does keep everything nice and straight. It's also really cheap and readily available. The blue lines don't show up at all when I scan in black and white, but I do have to keep the balloons away from the red lines.

wiz cur 2.jpg

Next I cut and paste the balloons in layers over the old text using Photoshop. I'll have to do some resizing and such, but I'm not anticipating too many problems here. If it becomes an issue later on I'll switch to tracing the old balloons and then reletter inside those constraints. You'll notice the empty bubble on the bottom right. I'm going to try and use that balloon for the letters to the left. This may involve too much resizing tomfoolery, and if so I'll just do the entire balloon over if I'm not happy with the first one. I rewrite everything multiple times over for skeletons, so this shouldn't be too frustrating either.