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Pushing Boundaries

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

So this may work. I've been working through how to get When the Warlock to a publishing level. I've scanned in the first 10 pages, and I'll get Timothy to review them and see if he thinks this process will display the art in the best light.

I'm scanning the pages in color and darkening the pencil lines to add contrast. Then I convert the page back to gray scale. I'm lassoing each panel out of the page and scaling it down into a 5.3 x 7 square. I select a gray tone off of the panels to put in as the background in the gutters and to do light touch ups on the pencils if need be. Then I've been increasing the border to 6 x 9, which will probably be the final size of the pages. 



I may take the intial square up to 5.3 x 8. I don't think I need that much head room. I'm also unsure of how the touch ups will look in physical reproductions. Some test prints are in order. The final thing I need to decide is if I'm going to re hand letter everything or if I should do that digitally. I did pay for that ComicCraft font that I haven't published anywhere to date.