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Sketchbook CHALLENGE

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

Steve Bryant of Athena Voltaire fame is the moderator of this month's EOC Sketchbook Challenge, and boy did he go for a doozy.  Full sequentials! With a script! That's a lot of work for a 'sketch' but oh man, what a good time. As you know, I love making comics.

He gave us a script for a 4 panel story with a lot of room for subjectivity. Here's my thumbnails.

steve thumbs.jpg

 I wrote down tiny notes of his script for each panel, thumbed out a little action tale of tribesmen hunting fish and did a quick sketch of what the characters could potentially look like. I knew it would be hard to emote with realisticish fish, but that was my own personal challenge to take on. I like the more cartoony look I gave the tribesman here rather than the more proportioned man in the actual comic.

On to the pencils!

steve pencils.jpg

I pencilled pretty loosely. Mostly paying attention to composition and keeping everything moving in the right direction. The backgrounds, especially, are no more than some errant squiggles. The eyes in the pencils are pulled too far forward, it gives them more ability to make human like emotions, but it really takes away from their fishiness.

Dropping Ink!

steve inks.jpg

Now we have a comic. I did the figures with a brush pen and that looks pretty typical of my style. I pulled the fishes eyes further to the sides and reworked their mouths. I added pebbles to the riverbed and bubbles in the water. I love that the speech ballons for the fish are air bubbles. The fish I stippled with a fixed tip pen, and I am very happy with how that turned out. The blood from the fish was a light sumi wash, I thought it worked ok on the boards, but really cool in the b&w scan.

Hope you enjoyed hearing a bit of the work that goes into just one page of making a comic.

- Jon O