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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I love the EOC Sketchbook Challenge. It's a great community of artists pushing each other to grow throughout each month. With a new judge and challenge each month we are each pushed outside of our comfort zone from time to time, that helps prevent stylistic stagnation in my opinion. February is going to be my month to admin, and I can't wait to get started.

Timothy hit us a few months ago with verbs; a cartoonist must be able to convey action effectively. Then Steve came at us with a loose script and pushed us into visualize a story from scripts; again a crucial skill to have as comic creators. We practice all the time, or at least, I hope we do. The teacher in me wanted to guide us into studying comics and learn from our heroes. That brought me to this month's challenge.



We all have our favorite comic artists, and the greats are on that pedestal not just from their sketches, but the totality of their comics. It's the rendering, sure. But it's also the layouts, the pacing, the camera choices. Those are the things we should be mindful of when creating. Pick one of your favorite artists and draw a page from one of their books. To further clarify I included an old drawing I did from Roger Langridge's Snarked. I'm not expecting us to get the pages exactly right, but drawing every part of a page forces us to better understand what the artist was doing.

Bonus karma will be awarded to anyone that articulates some of their struggles or successes with the page!