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Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

I've begun inking my piece for the anthology and taking a much more methodical approach than ever before.  Working a little at a time, and only half way through the inking of Tuga.  I'm going page by page and inking the figures in the panels and moving on to the next one.  Normally I ink an entire page before moving on to the next one.  I'm hoping this slight change in process will benefit the comic. I ink the figures first on each page, so carrying that idea throughout the entire 7 pages should lead to a more cohesive work in total.

I started experimenting with a stippling technique to apply some shading into an otherwise open line style. The hair is a denser take on Awful's fur. The character models are akin to the designs I used for Water Logged in the Electric Boogaloo Anthology, but with more rendering in the inks and detail in the designs.  It's also a bit looser using a brush pen instead of the fixed tips that I used in the aforementioned piece and Public Education. I think I said before how I was trying to draw inspiration from Barry Windsor Smith and Milo Manara with this strip.  I always fall well short of my goals, but I do think that I've begun to put a new spin on my capabilities as a cartoonist.

- Jon O'Briant