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Hittin the Right Notes

Added on by Jon O.

I normally don't speak too much about playing music on the comic blog, but I can't deny it's effect on my comics. My first published work was built from an EP first.  The laws of magic within 3rd World are mandated by song and dance. Awful's dates never hesitate to name check a band or two. It even sneaks into the odd Public Education or two.

I had a great show last weekend.  The acoustics of the room were amazing.  The crowd was positive. And while no show is perfect, I was strong through the entire 80 minute set. Somehow I gained a little bit of perspective on just how much music I have written this year in addition to my comics.  I must admit that I don't write songs nearly as prolificly as I did in my precomic days.  I do continue to make marked progress in my musicianship as well as the growth I've seen in sequential art.


I'm excited about nailing down the track list for an EP with my long time collaboratorer Joshua Lancaster.  He always inspires me to step my game up musically.  If this outline is any indication, he's going to push me into new territory with my comics as well.  A new music strip is exciting to all aspects of my creativity.  This album and comic will be a thing of greatness.

- Jon O'Briant