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Rolling Along

Added on by Jon O.

I received my draft copy of Public Education Volume 2, and it looks pretty good. The biggest changes I made dealt with how some of the thinner lines reproduced in the hard copy.  I went into the photoshop files and used the brush tool to fill out some of the lines that didn't scan in and copy over as well as I wanted them to.  There were also some pencil markings that hadn't been erased completely and I brushed over those marks as well.

Working through pages of Awful Lot has gotten easier and easier.  I guess when you've done 100+ pages on a single project that's bound to happen. My workflow has been honed down to a well oiled machine.  I'm going to be cutting it close, but I think I'll be able to complete my work on the final chapter before school gets back in session.

- Jon O'Briant