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Define and execute. Beware the tangent.

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.


The comics industry encomposses many diciplines and jobs each of which is a rabbit hole within itself. These tangents can become lifetime studies in and of themselves, therefore, it is extremely important to define what your goals are and what you hope to get out of the time you put in.  With that said let me tell you what my goal in comics is.  

I want to create worlds and characters that awe and inspire readers in the same way I was by my favorite entertainment as a kid.  Simply put, world building and story telling.  You might have noticed that my comic goals don't mention drawing and they don't mention writing, or inking, coloring, editing, book design or all the other jobs nessecary to finishing and sharing a completed comic product.  This is where tangents can become a problem unless you clearly define what you're goals are.


Because my natural tendency was towards art I teamed up with a writer and got to work.  As we worked my interest in art increased and expanded to a point where I had completely lost my focus.  I was spending more time painting and doing one off illustations then I was working towards my goals of creating compelling story driven entertainment.  I fooled myself into thinking I was an artist instead of a storyteller.  

If you want to be an artist, draw.  If you want to be a writer, write.  But if you're passion is to transform and inspire an audience through story then you have to take initiative and responsibily for every job in the pipeline.  From the initial idea until you have a product in the audiences hand.  Only then have you executed your goal.


-Timothy O'Briant