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Added on by Jon O.

Jean Giraud died this week.  It's hard to even conceptualize the impact this man has had and will continue to have on the comic and film industry.  He practically designed the entirety of what we know as sci fi aesthetics.  There have been a lot of things thought and said about the man already this week, but I think I'm most moved by something my brother said, "I guess the rest of us better step our game up."  We have big shoes to fill.


I did a few quick studies of one of my favorite characters in the Incal, the concrete seagull, Deepo.  Sadly, the Incal is the only work I own of Moebius'.  I've been rereading it this week in admiration and rememberance.  Jodorowsky's story is terrific, but the art really sets the story apart from anything I've experienced before or since.  I've been grooving on European artists more and more.  Moebius is at the epicenter of European comic art, at least in my mind.

My own science fiction tale is coming along well.  I've scripted the roughest draft of the first six chapters or so.  I'm going for a quick, direct telling of a very large tale.  I plan on at least one full script and revisions before I start showing it to anyone.  I haven't written much prose in a very long time.  I want to get my legs under me before I start throwing myself under the microscope.  The story has been flowing very easily; that seems like a trend I want to encourage as much as possible as I'm getting the story onto paper.  I can hone, whittle, and add to the tale after I've gotten the ideas out of my head.

-Jon O