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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

My 24 hour comic this year went extremely smoothly. I changed up a lot of my process and it facilitated a much faster work flow. I also made some decisions early on with layout and format that sped up my comic as well.  Code of Conduct took me about 18 hours to complete which gave me a little time for sleep yesterday as well.

The students ideas I drew out of a hat this year was for a conductor, in a house, that lost something. I know the kids were thinking of a train conductor when they chose that character but I didn't know why he'd be in a house instead of on a train. A musical conductor slid more into my knowledge base and let me draw some cuddly animals playing music, which is firmly entrenched in my comfort zone.


I didn't do six panel pages on this project. While I had initially thought not having to think about page layout was an asset I found that the increased freedom with the pages was a lot of fun. On top of that I don't think any of the pages in the new story have 6 panels in them. That reduced my workload on every single page of the story.

This time I also wrote the entire script out before I started pencilling any pages. I do feel like this kept the story a bit more grounded, which is unfortunate in my eyes, but I do think it worked to the strength of the story's pacing and overall structure. I feel like Code of Conduct reads just as well as the majority of books I read to my students. I then pencilled all the pages, then inked, then grayscaled. Each step was done across the twenty-four pages before I went on to the next phase. This gave me several more passes on each page than previous years page an hour schedule. 


The suit I blacked in with crayon and I love the effect. It catches the toothy paper inconsistently and gives the suit a great textured quality. I went back and forth on whether or not I should do a wash on the penguin himself but in the end I thought the contrast in his figure was really strong with the black suit on white bird. I didn't want to mess with that and wash out his design.

There's lot's more to talk and think about with this comic. The 24 hour exercise is such a crash course in process education. I may revisit this on next week's Curve, I will be mulling over it personally for a few more days at least. But for now I must go to bed, I am still exhausted. Sorry about getting the Curve up a day late, but I'm sure you understand.

- Jon O