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BDR Postmortem

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

Many people have inquired what BDR is about.  Good question, and one that I have thought about quiet a bit.  To the best of my ability to explain, BDR is an expression of myself, it's what my mind looks like translated directly to paper medium.  

There are no character arcs, no morals or value judgments to be gleamed, no insights into anything other then my mark making.  Much like my own life BDR is played for laughs.  Humor that often only I find funny.   It is self indulgences in twenty two pages.  For example there is very little dialog because I don't like to read.  

So we know what's missing from BDR what are we left with.  Craft, visual storytelling and design.  Similar to how I feel about myself BDR is defined by comics.  I wouldn't be able to tell someone about myself without mentioning my comics work much like it's impossible to say what BDR is about without focusing on the medium itself.  BDR is about circle panels and hand lettering, it's about ink spray and twelve panel pages.  It's about acting and juxtaposition, panels and gutters.   It's about comics as a medium and an art form.  It about my place in the world and it's the best I could do.  


Special thanks to the three Jon's.  Thanks to Jon Westhoff editor of the EOC Anthologies in which Poco Rojo and BDR where conceived.  Thanks to John Cardinal for being the first Poco Rojo super fan and for the amazing cover illustration.  And finally a thank you for my brother Jon O for putting up with me through this project.   

Good Boy.