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High Cost of Living

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.


That's how much I've spent on hard copies of my books this year. No web hosting. No advertising. No digital publishing rights. No paper, pencils, inks. No photoshop. No time invested or work calculated. Just money for paper. I'm so glad that MAPS is going to a second printing. That's fantastic news, but I've got to start living a lifestyle that's conducive to these money pits.

I knew that making money at comics was hard, but I'd have never guessed 5 years ago I'd be so financially invested in my books as well. I know this isn't the most gripping read, but it is a real issue that cartoonists will have to deal with. I have my teaching job which facilitates me making comics, and (barely) eating.

I feel I have great ideas though. And certainly the desire to share them. We're working on getting the comics up to a break even point. That's the next goal. Let's get a return on investment and then we'll work on profits. For now it's still incredible that over 100 people have read MAPS and the numbers are going to grow by a fair bit after the signing tomorrow.

Timothy made this amazing poster for The Trouble with Lions.