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One Week Post Con

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I have been incredibly productive this past week.  Getting work done across three different projects, with jobs from coloring, to inking, to pencilling to layouts.  All my myriad projects are making forward momentum right now, even if it's not always steady progress.

I finished the lettering and backgrounds for my 7 page anthology piece titled Valor. I used fixed tip pens and brushes for the lettering for the narration and dialogue respectively. It's a trick I've seen used by a few people including David Mazzuchelli.  I think it's effective, though I'm still a poor excuse for a letterer. What's taking the most time with the project is trying to digitally add a gray tone for the skies and drop shadows.  I'm not great with photoshop anyway, and using a mouse instead of a tablet is...frustrating to say the least.  I also learned, if you don't completely erase stray marks and then change the gray tone all shades of the erased colors come back in full force.  So today has been spent repeating my coloring blunder.  That what I get for using the brush tool instead of flatting everything.

I've pencilled a couple pages of MAPS 2, and it's a blast working on 18 x 24s.  Something about that huge size just lets Elwood leap onto the page. I've got my half page storyboards to work from. With the extra size I'm able to really expand and develop each panel into better conveying the information. I find it very interesting that these pages seem to be pencilled faster than the 11 x 17s were.

I also spent an evening turning the script for my last EOC Anthology into layouts. It's for another Professor piece, which is a fun experiment in design. I try to make sure each page is balanced as a whole, with little focus on panels. Instead I try to most clearly diagram whatever idea that is being explained. I want 'Mind Matters' to be as clear as possible, because it's a concept I've never run across in my life. I'm hoping to change worlds.

-Jon O'Briant