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Breaking Down Break Downs

Added on by Jon O.

I've been trying to write more often. The past week has been devoted to Awful Lot. I've scripted and made rough layouts of 12 pages this week.  That brings me through the halfway point on the last chapter of my longest project to date.  Now I still have another four or five months of pencilling and inking, and another year of weekly updates.  It's exciting.

Most of the writing is barely legible, and it's generally revised on the way onto the actual boards, but it's always enough to progress the narrative and help me to make sure I have a good progression from panel to panel, page to page.



The dance splashes are really easy in the writing phase.



 And while this is a mess I think it's going to be a pretty action packed page when I get to it.

Well I'm going to go get some Public Educations done, until next time friends.

- Jonathan O'Briant