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Summer Loving

Added on by Jon O.

Today was the last day I had at my teaching job and tomorrow my summer officially begins.  I've devised a pretty thorough itinerary for the summer to keep myself motivated and hustling.  I'm hoping that I can hold to my schedule, if so I should make a lot of forward progress on my myriad projects.  Here's my weekly goal:

3 Updates to the Website

Start with what's easy.  Between Public Education, the Comic Curve, and Awful Lot I update our website three times a week.  The only thing I have to make sure I do on this front is maintain the status quo.  The Public Education strips for the summer are all backlogged for the season.  That makes that job a little easier.  Comic Curve's I generally write on Wednesday, and so long as I don't forget they come up on time.  Awful Lot takes more time weekly, but I'll have a lot more free time over the summer which leads me to number two.

2 Complete Pages of Awful Lot

Doubling up the workload on Awful helps me build a greater safety buffer for when school starts back up.  It should also put Awful over the halfway point on my end.  It's exciting to be approaching a milestone on my biggest solo project to date.  The work on Awful is only just beginning though.  If you read last weeks Comic Curve you remember that I'm also going to go back through the fifty some pages of Awful Lot and hand letter them.  I don't have any hard time frame set for when to fit that work in yet.

10 Pencilled Pages of Maps

Ten might be a bit of a stretch but Maps is getting my full attention this summer.  Enough prep work, enough plotting and laying pages out, enough scripting.  It's time to really bust out a lot of my best work to date.  Timothy has been really instrumental in pushing me to approach my pages in a much more technical manner.  I'm putting a much larger focus on perspective and diverse camera angles.  I hope that this attention translates into a dynamic experience for the readers.

3 Hours Writing

I spend a lot more time in the hard labor of practicing drawing than writing, and I know that should not be the case.  By making a concerted effort to at least write 30 minutes a day.  I'm going to be dramatically overhauling the 3rd World scripts to try and refine the story into a more direct adventure tale.  Not cutting any material, but tightening the pacing all around.  That should be an incredible amount of work to keep writing on.

Sorry about a lack of pictures this Curve, but I barely remembered to get this up in time.  Hope that isn't indicative of the rest of the summer.  I feel confident that with a battle plan laid out I can accomplish most anything.  And the thing I want to accomplish most is comics.

-Jon O