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Added on by Jon O.

I'm working through the dialogue for Maps and it's coming along but I have some reservations.  One, the dialogue feels a bit stilted.  After I've written out the entire script (on top of the already finished layouts) I'm going to do a full edit just focusing on fluent phrasing throughout the story.  Another thing I've been giving a lot of thought to is how vernacular will change between characters and races.  I'm not sure how far I'm going to take it, but I'm envisioning different jargon and dialects for humans, hippos, hyenas, and so on.

Another concern I've had is that I don't have many words per page compared to professional comics.  I try to justify this in a couple different ways. Maps is going to be an all ages book, so limiting the words (and simplifying language) makes it more accessible for wider reading levels.  Comics are a visual medium, and I'd always rather show than tell parts of the story.  The thing I worry about is that I'm using these reasons as a crux, rather than becoming a better writer.

I'm not sure how much more verbose I want to be in this story, but several edits are going to have to happen before I commit these words to the book.

- Jon O