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Added on by Jon O.

I can happily update that my tech saavy family has solved my computer problem and I'll have plenty of copies of Mera for my book signing.  I've also finished inking Time Tested; just a scan and touch up pass away from being finished with my part in the 11'oclock anthology.

These things completed as well as keeping up with my weekly comic obligations had me feeling pretty good last night until an inspiring coversation with my brother.  The crux of the discussion was that we need to write more.  Short pieces would be more conducive to that.  We've got a lot of bad writing to get out of us and we need a faster turnover rate in stories to burn through some rookie mistakes.  I hated hearing it at the time, but he's totally right.  Even as I went to bed that night my mind started to churn over half baked ideas that I could flesh out more.

I think the strength of the exercise is the brevity of each piece.  A four page script seems like nothing, which probably means I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.  Still I've got a kernel for three stories in a 4-8 page range.  I don't need another distraction from Maps, especially not right after finishing Time Tested.  I think throwing a page or two down on something prior to my working on Maps could only help.  I just need more hours in each day.

- Jon O