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The Art of Teaching

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

It was very flattering when a lady from school asked me to design a superhero for my school's Relay for Life posters.  The school mascot is Lightning the Mustang and I was asked to make a superhero horse for the school.  I tried to hit somewhere between Curt Swan's Superman and Hananh Barbera's El Kabong.

I gave them four inked sketches and they're going to choose a couple to blow up and put on posters.  They seemed to like the pictures and I had fun working on the design.  I'm still painfully bad at spotting blacks when I'm inking, and my anatomy is a bit wonky in places even for such an animated style.  Overall I'm happy with the piece, it was good practice, and they were appreciative of my help.

I gave a lesson on George Herriman last week for Black History Month.  I showed a lot of Krazy Kat comic strips and I told them about how he used to wear hats to hide his "black hair" in photographs.  It was hard for an African American to get a job with the newspapers, and he wanted to share his comics.

After the mini lesson everyone got to make their own comic strips.  I modeled a quick stick drawing on the board with one character having a triangle for a head and the other one with a circle head and used a simple pie in the face gag.  I had no idea that my kids were going to start doing triangle head comics all over their school work.  It might become a problem but right now I just think it's awesome.

Until next week.

-Jon O