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Grant me a Favor

Added on by Jon O.

This week began on a very high note for mine and Timothy's comic careers.  You may recall a month or two ago I was doing a lot of work on a grant application to Pitts County Arts Council.  Finding people to write letters of reference, coming up with an artistic resume, and remembering writing narratives about Maps were all things I never anticipated when beginning my pursuit of creating comics.  I had to learn a lot of new skills quickly, and just hope that what I pieced together was enough to convince the panel that our next book was a project worth their time and support.

Fortunately, we did convince them.  I have mailed off signed contracts and we have a check for one thousand dollars on the way.  This is going to be a large chunk of our printing costs for Maps and that's going to be a great help.  Maps is something I'm very proud of and I want to get it into lots of peoples hands.  I want all of the local schools to get a copy and I'd like to get copies to the guys at Top Shelf and Adhouse, as well as to colleagues at SCAD in Georgia and the Center for Cartoon Studies up in Vermont.

Not only is the money great, but it is also very flattering to be chosen to receive the grant.  I know this was a cross medium event.  They could have funded painters, photographers, musicians, composers, actors, playwrights, ballets...anything.  To know that they would support any comic book is awesome.  To have them support my comic book is truly spectacular.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate not having to write an application for you guys support.

- Jon O