Where Words and Pictures Party


Added on by Jon O.

This past weekend was spent in Vegas with a few hundred other like minded individuals all there to celebrate art in and around comics.  Days later I'm still glowing, and yet every time I try to put into words what was so cool about the weekend it comes across as less incredible than it really was.

I'll try to list a few cool moments, just know that the sum of these events added up to much more than their parts.

- Flying out to Las Vegas was a new experience in itself.

- Meeting a group of 11 O'Clockers for german food and merrymaking.

- Grant Morrison screaming spoken word poetry over dissonant electronica performed by members of My Chemical Romance.

- Akira the Don rocking the club.

- Talking about the effectiveness of sigils with Grant Morrison.

- Meeting and talking with comic fans from China and France.

- Watching celebrities go giddy over meeting each other.

- Seeing artists study each other as they did sketches live.

-  Listening to the applications of musical rhythm to comic panels.

- Hearing Hickman describe conciousness shifts through scientific discovery.

- Handing MAPS to Dan DiDio of DC Comics.

- Talking philosophy and religion with a publisher out of New York

- Dancing with pretty girls to dance versions of Come on Eileen and other New Wave hits.

- Seeing JH WIlliams out on the dance floor.

- Getting a sweet sketch from Chris Burnham.

- Talking layouts with Williams.

- Talking to Chris Neseman about DC's Archive Editions.

- Listening to Morrison talk about a fifth dimension outside of time, and how different that is from being high on drugs.

- Hearing a discussion on the interconnectedness of the world and how telecommunications is bringing that oneness into the physical world.

This was only a smattering of the highlights for me personally, the trip was beyond amazing. I've written a song, painted a painting, and lettered my anthology piece in the 2 days since returning.  It feels as though I'm literally bursting with creative positivity. Thank you Morrisoncon.