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One Down

Added on by Jon O.

I am cleaning up the first two page story of the three I have planned for a new anthology.  I'm pretty excited about how it turned out, and it's always nice to be wrapping up a project.  Even when it's only a part of my total contribution.

This will be my first, pure auto biographical piece.  I did my best to get the characters proportions as close to realistic as possible.  The characters heads are probably still a little big, but I'm proud of how everyone's limbs work in the book.  I spent many days rowing a boat around, so I wanted to make sure everyone in my story believeably paddled around.  To give the line work a clean but unpolished look I uses ballpoint pens.  It's a decidedly pedestrian tool, but it's one that I've doodled with my whole life.  Whether it's a personal connection or not, I do think that it creates a very familiar aesthetic and, therefore, a more relatable story.

I hand lettered the whole story, again to make everything more personable, and more interestingly I left off any sort of word balloons.  Well, there is empty white space for the words, but no marks to remove the words from the pictures.  Also in my scripting I avoided any sort of dialogue between the characters.  I'm trying to share the story as if I was telling it to the reader while illustrating what I discuss.  I feel like this conversational tone will be one more step into making the piece feel as personal and relatable as I can make it.

Can't wait to completely switch gears for the next story!  Until next week.

- Jon O