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Added on by Jon O.

The scanner Timothy and I have been using for our comic work has been the Mustek ScanExpress A3. It's gotten us through the past several years, and I am forever indebted to it. The reasons we had chosen this scanner was a) it was affordable and b) it was a big size.  Oversized scanning was important to me when choosing a scanner.  The comic boards I work on are 11"x17".  Regular size scanners require you to cut your original art in half and then stitch it back together digitally after you get the images into the computer. This is a step I've done well to avoid. Well, aside from Lightfall, in which I stitched them together extremely poorly.


We just got in our new printer/scanner which is a Brother and it fit all of the aforementioned stipulations.  We're hoping for a little better quality scans.  The old scanner is, well, old.  It doesn't seem to pick up gray scales as well as I'd like and the software is sluggish and problematic.  I'm hoping that we see a little boost in quality just having a new scanner.

Until next time friends.  I have a scanner to install.

- Jon O