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Pushing Forward

Added on by Jon O.

For the first time in my comic making I'm starting to feel like I'm getting behind.  Some of this is literal.  I just finished inking the Awful Lot page for last week, last night and it still needs a fair amount of touch ups.  I haven't completed any Public Education's for the week, and Timothy is pressuring me for some pages on this years project.  Between two weekly webcomics, a book in planning, and a short piece for an anthology, I'm just about booked up.


Some of my tardiness comes from the twelve square foot of sandwich we were commisioned to paint for a restaurant.  This was a huge undertaking and gobbled up most of my MLK Jr weekend.  It will all be worth it if the piece is actually sold, but twenty hours of painting is going to cut into my comic progress.

One reason the Awful Lot page has taken more time is I'm doing a crowd scene.  Every panel is full of characters, and I had to create a lot of animals to fill the scene with.  This was more planning, pencilling, and inking, but really all that is just an excuse for not getting my work done.

Well, and I've also had a sinus infection.

Enough complaining.  The real issue is what I'll do to fix it, and that is plan.  I've got a rough schedule mapped out for the month, and I've literally written down today's objectives.  I spent an hour after school working on the school yearbook (which is an unfortunate added energy sink), I've gotten home and finishing up this Comic Curve.  After that it's on to grading some papers (report cards go out in two weeks).  Then I can work through a Public Education, clean up the Awful page, and turn my spine into layouts for Maps.  I'll probably work on that until bed. 

I plan on this basic formula for the rest of the week (yearbook, P.E., school work, layouts).  I may have to wait until the weekend and get the next Awful page penciled and inked over the weekend, but that should be ok so long as I keep making forward progress on everything.  I'm thinking of pencilling a page of the anthology piece after every 24 pages of layouts or so. 

That's all for today.  It's crunch time.