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I as Inker

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

I'd like to take a short look back through my work and try and talk about a few things I've learned about inking along the way.

With Public Education I used a fixed tip pen, a Micron .05 to be exact.  It's a really comfortable tool to use, and I'm always confident what kind of marks I'll be making when I use it.  This is probably because it's fairly close to the ballpoint pens I used to doodle with in school.  I also think I appreciate the aesthetics of the school doodle in relationship to the material.  I've always wanted Public Education to make everyone feel like they could be making comics too.

Mera and A Brave Little Girl were both inked in a very similar manner.  I used a fairly large brush on both, and I'm already super heavy handed with my inks.  This lead to thick black lines that define characters clearly, but have little elegance.  I tried to shade Mera by hatching with the Micron.  I feel like this only worked sometimes and did little to serve the story.

Awful Lot is something that I've really tried to push myself on.  The inks are now done with a size 0 brush, although I'm still very heavy handed.  I'm trying to capture texture with the inks.  Awful has longer fur which I represent with the short strokes all across the curvature of his body.  Princess Serpentine is outlines smoothly and I add little 'c' marks on her back to represent the scales.  Billy Bat has shorter fur so I've tries to leave most of him in white, with his outline and chest inked with a shaky almost dry brush.

I'm not happy with my inking yet.  Even though I'm proud of what I'm accomplishing in Awful Lot, I feel like I can be a lot better.  That's kind of what this Comic Curve was about I think, making sure I can verbalize my successes and failures thus far.  That way I can (ideally) continue to move forward. 

-Jon O