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Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

Comics are a lot of work, and it's easy to get discouraged when most of your time is spent on the non comics paying job.  I think it's important to hear that someone is reading your comics.  Even if it's just one.  Feedback is what keeps me going, it gives me a sense of obligation.  I need to do better and better, because someone out there is paying attention.

Today's Comic Curve is about getting a letter from Alec Longstreth of Phase 7 fame.  I'm a big fan of his and he's always been really supportive of everything I've done so far.  He wrote me after he read Public Education Vol 1.  He shared a story about his sister who used to teach Kindergarten, he commented on the book calling it "funny and poignant", and he even shared with me some other teaching strips that he's found in his travels.

It wasn't much, but it meant the world to me.  One of the coolest things about the comics industry is how excited everyone is about making comics.  If you're digging someones work, shoot them an e-mail, stop by their table at a con.  We all need to be reminded once and awhile that there's someone out there paying attention.

-Jon O