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Taking Care of Business

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

It is the last day of June and I am officially ahead of schedule on my comic work of the summer.  Just a few short hours ago I finished assembling my trial copy of Public Education.  The printed draft should be here within a week.  Then, provided there are no problems, I can give the go ahead to print my first run off of Lulu as well as put the book up via the Lulu store and Amazon.  It is exciting to feel so close, though I know that there is still a huge possibility that things will need to be redone.

During the work this week I began thinking about professional writers and artists.  They never have to worry about all this grunt work.  I don't know if I did things slowly or not, but I estimate I spent between 20 and 30 hours this summer just in the nuts and bolts of putting the book together, making sure pictures were clear, making sure everything was the right size, and in the right place.  If there is any freedom I don't mind giving up to be published, it'd be formatting my own books.  I could give it up in a second.

I do feel like I'm getting better at putting the books together though.  I know the steps that Lulu will ask me to take.  I'm more familiar with the process of putting books together now, and I'm developing little shortcuts all the time.  I made none of the mistakes that I made while printing Mera, and when I start the next book (probably the first collection of 3rd World) I'll know some obstacles to avoid.  It was a much more lengthy process than Mera.  Public Education is sitting at 115 pages instead of Mera's 52.  Another real time save was that each page of Mera was saved in one spot already.  I paired the 3 panel strips together on P.E. and that required an extra step in the process on over half the pages.

Thank you everyone for your support and well wishes on the project.  I'll be sure to share my experience next week on how the book has turned out and what steps I'm taking next.  Until then fellow comic fans!

- Jon O