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Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

Last week I spent a long time talking about how I need to be a better writer.  This week I took to heart the novel idea of actively writing more.  Resting on my laurels will get me nowhere.  I can no longer pretend that writing several comic strips a week is enough practice or training for furthering my abilities as a comic writer.

I have several ideas that are just that...ideas.  That and a dollar won't buy me a coke; the first step in my process has been to write down basic layouts for a given idea for a series, webcomic, graphic novel etc.  I specify each one because I think you need to know what format you want your story to be presented in going in, or at the latest early on.  It guides the pacing and structure of everything I do after that moment.

One story I'm working on is probably going to come in around 120-130 pages.  I've been struggling over whether I want to try it as a weekly webcomic or wait and collect it all into one decent size book.  Well, I want to sell it as a book after its done regardless.  

If I do go the webcomic route (which is exciting me more, so hopefully that's the right way to go) then I need to go back through my page plots and make sure I can end everything on a good moment.  Not gag's necessarily all the time, but at least have some real progress and/or development with every page.  This is exciting in a "I love giving myself a challenge" sort of way.  

The flip side of this is if I go the graphic novel route, do I break it up into chapters?  Do I release chapters at a time?  Do I wait to advertise the book or build awareness at the end?

I don't even know if this will be my next solo project or not.  I've also started plotting a shorter sci-fi type story that I'm thinking of talking about next week.  I'm going to try and get a few full scripts ironed out and then choose what should be built up next.  The most important thing is to just keep writing, and writing, and writing.

-Jon O