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Books Don't Grow on Trees

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

Well, I was getting started with compiling 3rd World into a hard copy on Lulu.  We have used Lulu to publish both Mera and Public Education Volume 1 and I've been pretty happy with it thus far.  I knew they were a little more pricey than some other options, but they print quality books and their interface is fairly easy to use.

I knew 3rd World was going to be more expensive both becuase of it being a larger book than the other two (at an estimated 140 pages) and being in color.  What I wouldn't have guessed was that Lulu would charge over $32 a copy for our book!  This is completely unfeasable, and I'm sorry to have to leave Lulu behind.  It's a good service, but we're already outgrowing it's usefulness.

The option I'm looking into now is a site called Kablam.  They will cut the price per copy by over half!  At that price I can conceivably charge $20 per book and be ok.  Well, be ok on each sale of the book, I'm still not hoping to recoup all my losses.

Another thing that Timothy suggested is putting our book up on the Kickstarter program.  We've began bouncing ideas around for incentives to preorder the book, including copies of Mera and P.E., sketches, commisions, or maybe more.  Lot's to think about, thanks for reading.

-Jon O